SFDebate : Listen, Speak, Discuss, Understand



Here's a handful of resources that will make your participation in SFDebate Easier

  • Speaker Guide (PDF)
    Each week a handful of members volunteer to start the debate with opening speakers. This guide will help prepare you for how to open a debate, prepare statements, and rebut opposing opinions.
  • Moderators Guide (PDF)
    Moderating & Facilitating a meeting is probably the hardest role at any of our meetings. It requires not only an understanding of the topic, but also a tenacity to keep the meeting on schedule, and the participants on topic. If you've been coming to a few of our meetings now, have spoken once or twice, consider volunteering to moderate.
  • Sample Agenda (Word)
    Here's a sample agenda.

You might also be interested in some of these external resources on how to improve your debating and rhetoric skills.

  • Learn Debating
    A 215 page e-book by a debating student in Australia. - Very interesting tips and strategies on debating, although the rules are slightly different and more geared to competition than SFDebate.

Join Our Group!

The SFDebate group connects and updates members on events through Meetup.com - If you've not yet joined the group, here's the link. SFDebate Meetup Group