SFDebate : Listen, Speak, Discuss, Understand


About SFDebate

SFDebate is an open forum for discussion on the events of our time.

We have three goals

  1. To promote understanding of diverse points of view;
  2. to provide an enviroment for members to develop their skills of persuasion;
  3. to build a social setting for networking with other civic minded people..


It seems, we have entered an era where government and public opinion is more divided than ever.

As the media in America becomes more and more diverse, it is also becoming more and more divisive. With so much news available to us, it is easy to fall into the trap of relying on sources that simply support and reinforce our own beliefs. Once we fall into this trap, our views are liable to become more and more extreme and less understanding.

SF Debate is firstly a chance for you to expand your perspectives and undesrtanding. We believe that in the broad light of public scrutiny, extreme views are moderated and common ground is sought.


Across San Francsisco, every evening dozens of martial arts centers are full of people learning to fight. But, how many places are there where we can learn to use the power of our words... to persuade, to educate, to soothe, to understand? SFDebate is a forum for all of us to develop our skills of persuasion.

Every day, we must use our powers of persuasion to influence the actions of others. Whether you are avoiding a fight, asking your boss for a raise, negotiating for the price of your next car, or persuading an audience to adopt your opinion, it is your words and how you say them that defines who you are, and what you can achieve.

If you want to change the world we live in; if you want to be able to convince others of your point of view, SFdebate is the forum for you. Consider SFdebate to be your 'dojo' for public speaking. It is a place where you will not only be exposed to opposing points of view, but a safe place where you will be encouraged to find and speak up for yours.


SFDebate is also a social affair. It is a meeting of minds, and we follow every meeting with drinks and a bite to eat at a local bar/restaurants.

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