SFDebate : Listen, Speak, Discuss, Understand


San Francisco Debate : Controversial Discussions Every Other Tuesday


SFDebate is a program run by INFORUM, the young persons division of the Commowealth Club. Every other week, we get together and debate a topical and controversial issue.

As a club, we have three goals :

  • Create a forum for you to learn about topical issues, and hear other people's opinions
  • Give you a chance to practice and improve your persuasive speaking
  • Have fun, drink wine, and make new friends.

Meeting size typically ranges from 15-30 people. Come along and join us. You can find out about our next meeting on Meetup.com

Date/TimeEvery Other Tuesday, 7:00pm
LocationCommonwealth Club of California
555 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Please RSVP thru Meetup To Attend

This event is FREE for Members of INFORUM (Commonwealth Club) / $5 for Non-Members